Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Full Documentary

This needs to be seen by everyone in the US. #important #thelieisreal

Change is Needed,,,needs to be seen by everyone!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

20 million to die from starvation......News?

Why isn't this US National News?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sea Level Rising....How come this isn't National News?

My Life Without Social Media

I stopped all social media, TV and News on 1-1-2017. My life after extricating myself from this societal malaise has been awesome. Now that I am out I "see" the shaping of society that I am not a part of any longer. 

I find that I talk to my friends more and have time to consider important things more often. Life in general is much better because I am in reality instead of being able to "keep up" with the private lives of 60-100 online personalities. This social media beast is just not functionally sustainable. 

My vegan adventure continues; no oils, no salt and no sugar. Well I am closer to that than I was 30-days ago. I am actually feeling much better the closer I get to vegan which is the same as the less processed food I eat. Today I actually created a menu for the week so I will stop trying to create the vegan diet day by day with what is in the frig. 

Samson is growing up so much. He was my helper while sitting in the floor putting the dining room table chairs together. #goodtimes

Friday, January 20, 2017

Gym Time

3- mile interval run followed by tire flip and a couple of sets on the Traxx system.

Felt really good....Stress of the day is gone!!

Transition of Power

Good morning,

While I did not support either primary party candidate nor did I vote for either. This morning I am breaking my bow of no TV so we, me and my 7-year old, get to watch the lead up to this historical moment for this country. The standard of peaceful transition of power is an amazing part of our history and I celebrate it with all my heart.

This morning, however, we will add praying for this country and the President to our morning prayer at breakfast. While this home does not feel Trump is the right person to be President we know that only God Almighty can change a heart.

In God We Trust in God We Believe!!!!