Sunday, January 1, 2017

My New Years Commitments 2017

Good Morning!! I hope everyone is safe and had a great time bringing in the New Year!

Every year I make commitments for the next 365 days and a lot of the time I fail in my efforts. This year I have constructed my commitments to be very public and easily monitored by all closest to me.

Commitments for 2017-

  • No social media -- I will still be social but it will be my blogs, phone calls and texts
  • No personal TV watching -- I will still watch sports and movies with the family
  • Vegan dietary practice strictly followed
This morning was a prime example of the vacuum left by my commitments. Normally when I get up before everyone else I plant my self on the couch and review social media while surfing for something to watch on TV. This morning I cooked my steel cut oats, sat down at the bar with my Chrome book/Nexus 6 and started writing this blog. I have a great feeling this change (minimalism) is going to create a very productive year free of a lot of distractions.

The items on my agenda today:
  • Read my devotions
  • Pickup around the house
  • Put in a transition threshold for the door way to my daughters room
  • Install weatherstripping on the front and back doors
  • Prepare to lead our weekly family meeting
  • Add some mulch to the flower beds in the front yard
  • Spend quality time with my family
  • Detail the inside of my minimalist Honda Fit with a 6-speed manual transmission